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Be prepared and organized for your presentation by using a mind map. Map out and visualize your thoughts by brainstorming your ideas. Then simply export the mind map to PowerPoint to create the final presentation.

Presentation mind map Template

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1. Presentation
 1.1. Preparation
    1.1.1. Objective
    1.1.2. Length Of Talk
    1.1.3. Audience
    1.1.4. Teacher / Lecturer Expectations
 1.2. Develop
    1.2.1. Opening
    1.2.2. Body
    1.2.3. Main Point(s)
    1.2.4. Re-inforcement
    1.2.5. Conclusion
    1.2.6. Thanks
 1.3. Review
    1.3.1. Logistics
    1.3.2. Questions Expected
    1.3.3. Props Required
    1.3.4. Rehearse