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4 Ways to Better your Productivity – Prevent Procrastination

There are many benefits to being productive, both in work and in your personal life. From a business point of view, your productivity can be the deciding factor in whether your business or project is a success or failure. Personally, being productive provides you with motivation and happiness that affects all the other areas of your life. This blog will allow you to see ways in which to improve your productivity by doing simple changes to your work lifestyle.

To-Do List’s

While it does sound basic, keeping a list of your targets and objectives for the day is one of the main ways to improve on your productivity. Keeping a list for the day allows you to continue on to your next task without that 15-minute pause thinking of what to do next. Work can often be overwhelming if you struggle to keep track of everything you have to do. Regardless of whether your managing a project or starting a new job as I did last month, keeping a to-do list allows you to be more organized in your work and make everything much more manageable.

image of a to do list with the word nothing on it

Take a Break!

Look away now bosses, but studies suggest that taking small regular breaks during your working day can actually improve your productivity. Taking regular breaks can improve your decision making, your physical and mental health as well as maintain your motivation, a topic of which I spoke about in one of my previous blogs. I’m not naïve enough to suggest taking half-hour breaks every time you complete a task, but maybe try and take 5 minutes to relax and disengage your mind from all things work-related.

man from the office saying he is on break

Music for Productivity

Again, any bosses reading this; look away now. Studies have suggested that listening to music while you’re working can increase your productivity levels by up to 15%. Scientifically, music can have a terrific impact on the human brain. It can improve your mood, cancel out other distractions and act as a calming influence that allows you to focus on tasks. So, if its productivity you’re looking for, get your earphones plugged in and get working!

bart simpson listening to music

Reward Yourself!

There is nothing better than rewarding yourself after a long, hard day at work. Whether it be taking a long bath, sitting down to a Netflix marathon or just simply having some time to yourself, the feeling of reward is unrivalled. But why wait until the end of the day to reward yourself? Now, I’m not saying for one minute that you should have a Netflix marathon at work (please don’t!) but even small rewards such as a snack you’ve been craving or even 5 minutes of relaxation can benefit your productivity in the long run.


Conclusion – Productivity

Overall, there is no doubt that there are several ways in which to improve your productivity, but with that being said not all of them will work for each individual person in every job. Try and find the way that works for you and then watch your productivity improve drastically.

As for me, I think it’s time for that 5-minute break…