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Online Project Management Course 2020

A 4-hour live online training session on how MindGenius can help you deliver successful projects.

Outcomes and Benefits:

This training session will introduce a Six Step Guide for Practical Project Management. Ideal or non project managers who find themselves managing projects. The six steps are introduced in an easy to follow way using MindGenius to manage the full process:

  1. Discover what your project needs to achieve
  2. Find out who is involved and what they want to achieve
  3. Agree on deliverables
  4. Schedule the tasks
  5. Manage the work and complete the project
  6. Close out and lessons learned

Each of these areas will be covered by demonstrating how MindGenius can help you achive each step.

Features and Functions of MindGenius:

During the course. the features and functions of MindGenius will be shown with practical examples on when and how these can be used:

  • Mapping and Visualisation
  • Categories and Filtering
  • Planning and Creating a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Allocating Resources and Tasks
  • Scheduling and Gantt Chart
  • Dynamic Views
  • Filtering, Tracking and Monitoring Status and Progress
  • Project Reports
  • Hints and Tips

Next Steps:

Follow the link below to contact us and we will discuss your individual training requirements with you.


This training session can also be tailored to suit your specific needs or requirements – this can be discussed as required with your facilitator.