Project Management Made Simpler,
More Complete, More Enjoyable​

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MindGenius is the one project management tool your team needs. ​ No other application has the power, ease of use, and flexibility that ​ MindGenius provides for small to medium projects.

Best Practice: First Comes the Foundation​

Projects often fail because project stakeholders fail to perform a basic task at the start: Defining the underlying purpose, objectives, constraints, and other fundamental components. ​

Laying the foundation is a best practice for project management and MindGenius makes it simple with its intuitive mind mapping.​

From Brainstorm to Complete Project Plan​

When your team has reached consensus for the project foundation, you’re ready to start developing a plan in the simplest, quickest way possible: as a mind map. MindGenius enables true, unrestrained brainstorming. Yet it lets you effortlessly bring structure into the process as soon as you’re ready. Your mind map will grow as you flesh out the details, review, and revise. ​

When you have a complete project plan as a mind map, it takes one click to convert it into a Gantt chart. ​

You can quickly assign resources, dependencies, and durations to your Gantt chart or mind map. Then you can review and revise your plan using your choice of several project views – a unique selection of tools. Find the views that suit your work style. ​

Use the Gantt view if you like viewing a graphical display of durations and dependencies. ​

If you prefer, the mind map also makes it simple to review and update various project information. ​

Four Dynamic Views – customizable Kanban boards – give you remarkable flexibility in reviewing and updating project information: ​

  • Resources View ​
  • Categories View ​
  • Priority View ​
  • Status View ​

Tracking and Reporting Made Simple​

Use the Snapshot feature in the Gantt view to graphically show exactly when and where the project execution differs from the project plan. ​

Use the Project Report to provide stakeholders with the most important details they need to know about a project at any time. ​

You also have the option of exporting any MindGenius project to Microsoft Project.

Let us show you how MindGenius makes project management simpler, more complete and more enjoyable​
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