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MindGenius for Project Management

First Comes the Foundation

Projects can fail when your stakeholders don’t perform the basic tasks from the beginning: Defining the purpose & objectives of a Project.

Laying foundations is key for all Project Management regardless of size. MindGenius makes it simple with intuitive Mind Mapping software & provides clarity in complex situations.

From Brainstorm to Complete Project Plan​

Once foundations are done,  start developing a plan in the simplest, quickest way possible: as a Mind Map.  Once the Mind Map is complete,  convert it into a Gantt chart with one click. From here, you can assign resources, dependencies, & durations.

Find a viewing system that suit your work style. MindGenius has 4 Dynamic Views that give you remarkable flexibility in reviewing and updating your project; 

Resources ViewCategories View, Priority View  & Status View. 

Tracking and Reporting Made Simple​

Use the Snapshot feature in the Gantt view to show exactly when & where the project execution differs from the project plan. Use the Project Report to provide stakeholders with the most important details  about a project at any time. 

You also have the option of exporting any MindGenius project to Microsoft Project.

MindGenius makes project management simpler, more complete and more enjoyable... but don't just take our word for it.

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Project Management Update

What is project management software?

Project management software is defined as software that helps users manage all aspects involved in project management including planning projects, outlining the project scope, allocating resources, managing tasks throughout the project, file sharing and collaboration between team members, time tracking and error reporting.


Why is project management software important?

All sizes of businesses juggle a variety of tasks, sometimes across a number of departments. Project management software enables employees to share files, share timelines on task progression and allows teams to delegate assignments to appropriate team members with the right skills for the task. The right project management software helps keep projects on task for goals be accomplished on time and within budget.

How project management software works?

Project management software is a solution-based program to simplify planning, organising, sharing, collaboration and as a growth-enabler for all sizes of businesses. The software provides a visual interface of all the micro tasks involved in larger projects and can be used by individuals or by teams to enhance communication and file collaboration.

What types of project management software is there?

The vast majority of business-focused project management software will provide an array of features and be customisable to accommodate for various types of planning activities. The types of project management software tend to differ in types of how they’re accessed. Cloud-based applications are often accessible from any device or compatible browser. On-premise applications are installed to a company’s local server and accessed on company computers rather than individual employee devices.

How to choose project management software?

Managing larger projects with multiple users often requires dedicated project management software that can be customised to a company’s requirements enabling a variety of processes to be streamlined. The key features most organisations require relate to project planning, communication, and collaboration with the ability to build transparency into processes letting all stakeholders see who is responsible for each task in a process, which also builds in accountability. The right project management software will let managers see at any given time what tasks are done, what’s still to be done and who is responsible for each task assigned.

Who uses project management software?

Project management software is used across a number of industries including the health sector, education, and by students to team leaders, project managers right up to CEOs. Project management software is best suited to teams and departmental projects in business. The difference between project management software and project management tools are that tools are better suited to single users focused on planning out the to-do steps required in accomplishing individual tasks, whereas project management software is better suited to multiple users due to the collaboration and communication enhancements.