Project Planning

Once approval for a project to go ahead has been given, project planning will begin.

There are a number of outputs and activities associated with this project phase. The example below provides a framework for structuring and organising these activities.

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1.0 Project Planning

      1.1Develop the project management plan

      1.2 Plan scope management

      1.3 Collect requirements

      1.4 Define scope

      1.5 Create work breakdown structure (WBS)

      1.6 Plan schedule management

      1.7 Define activities

      1.8 Sequence activities

      1.9 Estimate activity durations

      1.10 Develop schedule

      1.11 Plan cost management

      1.12 Estimate costs

      1.13 Determine budget

      1.14 Plan quality management

      1.15 Plan resource management

      1.16 Estimate activity durations

      1.17 Plan communications management

      1.18 Plan risk management

      1.19 Identify risks

      1.20 Qualitative risk analysis

      1.21 Quantitative risk analysis

      1.22 Plan risk responses

      1.23 Plan procurement management

      1.24 Plan stakeholder engagement