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Use our Public Projects for inspiration for your next project or to easily share your projects with others.

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Share your projects with anyone using using only a URL link

Create projects only YOU can edit. Others cannot change your work.

Save time searching for a project and get to work straight away

We have ready-made projects for you to try out and look at.

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With Public Projects, you can share your work simply by copying and pasting the URL. 

Only YOU will be able to edit the original, but others can view/create it as a copy.

An intricate visualization outlining the stages of the customer journey, from initial awareness to post-purchase engagement, depicted through interconnected nodes and pathways
An image to promote the use of Public Projects within MindGenius Online. Use our Public Projects for inspiration for your next project or to easily share your project with others


Get inspired for your next project.

We have five main categories for you to choose your next project from. 

To get started on a public project simply open the project and select “copy”. To create your own public project, go to New > Visibility > Public. 


Create stunning mind maps

Custom backgrouds to make your projects stand out from the crowd and makes your work visually engaging. 

All Public Projects are avaliable with custom backgrounds which you can change when you create your own copy.

Crafting Digital Experiences: A Mind Map Mapping the Journey of Website Design
Roadmap to Success: Business Plan Mind Map

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