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Sales Strategy Mind Map

Hone your sales strategy with these questions

Sales Strategy mind map

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1.1. What Problem Do We Solve For Our Customers?

1.1.1. What is their biggest Problem? Challenge? Opportunity they are missing out on?

1.1.2. How do those problems impact upon… Commercial Success? Operational Efficiency? Financial Results? Staff Morale? Is it possible to quantify cost?

1.1.3. Who is affected? directly? indirectly? most?

1.1.4. How is each person impacted?

1.1.5. Why are they impacted? causes drivers internal issues external forces

1.1.6. Consequences of delaying solution identified? quantified?

1.1.7. How does the problem impact their… customers? shareholders? competitiveness?

1.2. What Would Be A Successful Solution For Our Customers?

1.2.1. What would be seen as… a successful solution? a significant improvement?

1.2.2. How could that be measured?

1.2.3. What options are open to the customer internally? from you? from your competitors?

1.2.4. Evaluate all options relevance? practicality? effectiveness? affordability? reward?

1.2.5. How can you make our offering the preferred choice?

1.3. Defining Our Solution

1.3.1. Value What value does our solution bring to your customer? How do you make it the best value available? How can you justify solution cost? How do you make our claims defendable?

1.3.2. How sustainable is our solution?

1.3.3. How do you differentiate our solution relative to customer issue from those offered by others?

1.3.4. How does our solution allow your customers to differentiate themselves from their competitors? overcome problems? improve their business? cost savings? Customer attraction? satisfaction? retention? win sales?

1.3.5. What reputation does it / could it bring for customer?

1.3.6. Does it result in repeat business for them

1.3.7. What is the ultimate value of our offering to our customers?

1.4. Collateral

1.4.1. What do you need to produce to articulate the issue you are resolving and the benefits / value of your solution?