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Study of a Sport

Organise your studying by using a mind map. Use this template as a guide to plan out your course and visualise your thoughts.

image showing a study of a sport mind map

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1. Study of a Sport
 1.1. Which sport are you going to talk about?
 1.2. When was the sport first played?
 1.3. What are you going to cover?
 1.4. Do you require any special kit to play this sport?
 1.5. Do you require any tools to play this sport?
 1.6. What is the name of the governing body?
 1.7. Is it a team or individual sport?
 1.8. Can you name a few of the teams?
 1.9. Are there any famous players?
 1.10. What are the main competitions called?
 1.11. What are the rules?
 1.12. What are the key incidents from the history of this sport?
 1.13. What sources have you used to find out information?