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Helix Well Ops is the established leader in rigless offshore well intervention, providing fast, flexible and high-quality well management services. Their specialized well intervention vessels and subsea systems operate worldwide providing value throughout the well life cycle, allowing rigs to focus on what they do best. Keeping drilling rigs on task ensures maximum productivity and operational efficiency, particularly on extended drilling campaigns.

Helix Well Ops supports these offshore assets with proven project management support, including engineering and manpower. With more than 900 well intervention operations performed around the world, Helix Well Ops project teams and offshore crews deliver peerless levels of experience and real-world expertise.

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Peter McCullagh, Engineering Manager, based in Aberdeen, Scotland, plays a crucial part in project managing the engineering support services for Helix Well Ops. Peter is a long-time user of MindGenius, the leading business mind mapping and project management software. He was introduced to MindGenius Online through MindGenius and was involved in the early beta-testing, providing crucial use on its user interface and functionality.

Peter and his engineering projects team recognised the need to effectively plan their priorities, workload and project work and adopted MindGenius Online since its inception – now Peter views MindGenius Online as his “go-to” tool for managing his team’s workload. Here is Peter’s story in his own words…

Getting things done…right first time…on time…

“For me as an engineering manager whose objective is to deliver engineering solutions and resource management in a reactive operational work environment I measure success in the efficiency of how I can make things happen and how I can get things done right first time on time.

I say ‘things’ as engineering management for me covers such a wide range of tasks from simple document delivery to multi-discipline design and manufacture projects.

To help me achieve my goals I need a platform that is highly collaborative, visible and flexible to allow me to work with my team, clients and different departments to ensure I deliver my goals – for this reason I choose MindGenius Online…”

“I measure success in the efficiency of how I can make things happen and how I can get things done right first time on time”

Planning, prioritising and agreeing what needs done…

“Although thought of as an analytical structured discipline engineering at its very heart is driven by the need to solve problems which by its very nature means it is creative. This for me is where MindGenius Online, as a tool for making this happen, gets the balance just right… For problems that you need to start with an open mind you can put your ideas down in the exploration view, then structure them and go from there, or alternatively if you know the process steps you need to complete you can create an straightforward task list”.

Tracking, collaborating for successful task completion…

“From there the online availability really comes into play; as the planning and execution of the task workflow can be interrogated and updated by the team members where ever they are – by themselves onsite in their office, in a meeting environment either onsite or remotely even via a mobile device”.

“MindGenius Online naturally lends itself to collaboration and works with you to create a live workspace that manages resources, deadlines and delivers a communication trail for the task for all to see”.

“As soon as I sit down in the morning my first port of call is my MindGenius Online home page and start planning my daily work based on the priorities I have set in terms of deadline, impact and difficulty. From here I can then view the other challenges I am involved in and would look at activity changes and targets my team have for the days and weeks ahead. As every user has their own home page which is specific to the challenges they are involved in the same approach can be taken by a team member who can use their home page to check for activity updates, react accordingly and deliver what is needed of them”.

“As soon as I sit down in the morning, my first port of call is my MindGenius Online…start planning my daily work based on priorities…it is now the only task management tool I use…”

“After taking up MindGenius Online recently it is now the only task management tool I use and with the continual development from the team behind MindGenius Online being drive by listening to its user it will continue to grow from strength to strength with promising new additions of Gantt chart views and more in depth project reporting options”.

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