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The University of Edinburgh for Students, Staff & Management Case Study

Mark Ritchie is Deputy Director and Head of Project Services, Information Services – Applications Division, University of Edinburgh and he recently shared with us the many significant uses of MindGenius throughout the University campus. Mark was instrumental in introducing MindGenius into the University of Edinburgh from its early days and as one of the “MindGenius Champions” has promoted it use and spread to many areas within the University.

Mark is responsible for more than 70 projects per year for all areas of the University, he leads a team of 25 professional staff in disciplines such as PMO, Project / Programme / Portfolio Management and Business Analysis and has a leading role in strategic project and service change initiatives.

Mark commented that “MindGenius provides an ideal platform for members of the Project Services team to brainstorm and capture requirements for large and complex projects, including initial stakeholder requirements gathering right at the outset”

The use of MindGenius is crucial in a testing and high-pressure project delivery environment. Users go well beyond the highly visual and engaging mapping functionality and take advantage of the in-built scheduling / Gantt view, negating the need for any additional or complex tools.

The team find the MindGenius Gantt view extremely useful for seamlessly taking their projects from the planning stage on to the scheduling stage. This acts as a platform to go on to manage and review progress and status of each component part and every activity of each project

“MindGenius has brought a level of efficiency and consistency to the way we plan and manage our Projects, with low investment costs and easy and intuitive use. We have over 100 people interacting with MindGenius in their project work”

The success of MindGenius has not been confined to project use. MindGenius use has grown organically throughout most areas of the University

Students benefit from using the mapping element as a study aid, to capture knowledge, to research subjects, to gain clarity and understanding on complex subjects and also to help memorise and recall information for revision and examinations.

MindGenius is proving to be of great value for students with Assistive Learning requirements, with the mapping, formatting and export to MS Office capabilities of great help to students who would otherwise struggle.

Staff and management throughout the University are using MindGenius for strategic planning, workload planning, meetings and many other uses to track and deliver pieces of work in a more efficient way.

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