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Task Management Guide

Everyone manages tasks.
Whether it's your own to-do list or your team,
the processes remain the same -
how do you organise your day to Get Things Done?

What Is Task Management?

Simply, task management is the process you use to get your work done on time and to ensure the output is as expected.  It’s a way of making sure your work and life is organised and that you are in control day to day of what needs to be done. It’s how you breakdown a bigger task into sub-tasks to get the job done and is a structure which ensures deadlines are met.

The only way to get things done is through preparing a list of tasks, either individually or as a team and managing through to completion. Sounds simple when you put it like that doesn’t it? However, what do you do when you are juggling multiple projects, multiple team members and a massive list of tasks.

It’s easy to see how things can get out of control very quickly. A common way to handle task management is to prepare a plan and a schedule and manage the output. In it’s simplest form this can be prepared into lists titled to do, in progress and done. How this is organised will depend on personal choice.

Task Management Software

You could prepare your tasks into a written list and have a wall with notes stuck to it. The problem is – these things can get lost and they are based very much on an individual and aren’t effective in a team environment.

Task Management Software keeps all related information in one place.

MindGenius combines task planning, task scheduling and task management in one tool.

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Task Planning:

Task planning in MindGenius starts in a mind map with the end result at it’s core.

For example, build a new website or organise an event, you can break this down into smaller tasks that will be required to achieve the end goal. 

This process not only ensures you are preparing a list of tasks to be done but you are identifying the right tasks to do.

new product launch mind map

Task Scheduling:

Having identified the right tasks in your mind map phase, you can then start to schedule the tasks by assigning start and end dates and assign a resource to complete them.

In doing this, you can assign people to an overall large task or assign different people to sub-tasks.

Task Action Management:

Once the schedule is prepared you can begin to monitor and schedule the tasks to completion to achieve the end goal.

Your own processes will determine the best way to handle this. In its simplest form, this is To Do or Backlog, In Progress and Done or Complete.

With task management software like MindGenius this is a central point of reference for all task-related activity and information including file attachments and communication with the ability to communicate with team members through an in-built chat facility.

That can’t be achieved with paper notes.

task board

Top Reasons to Choose Task Management Software

  1. Plan the right tasks to do. With a mind map as the front end to task management software, you not only schedule tasks but you prioritise and make sure you are working on the right tasks.
  2. Determine priorities and easily identify bottlenecks that will impact deadlines.
  3. Task and team collaboration – everyone is on the same page, knows task status at any time and can quickly see progress at a glance.
  4. Monitor progress 24/7 to stop tasks falling through the cracks.
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