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Understanding the Challenge Mind Map

Use this template to help you understand the complex challenges you are facing with the aid of a visual graphic. 

Understanding the Challenge mind map image
1. Need
    1.1. Situation
        1.1.1. what are people being asked to do?
        1.1.2. why are they doing this?
   who told them?
   to comply with what?
   if they don’t do it, what are the implications?
        1.1.3. how difficult is it?
    1.2. People
        1.2.1. who needs to be involved?
        1.2.2. doing what
        1.2.3. how long does it take?
        1.2.4. how often does this need done?
        1.2.5. if they are doing this, what does it stop them doing?
    1.3. Process
        1.3.1. does the organisation benefit from this process?
        1.3.2. where does it add value?
        1.3.3. where are the drawbacks?
    1.4. Information
        1.4.1. what information is captured?
   how is it captured?
   how is it formalised?
        1.4.2. what could it tell you about the organisation?
        1.4.3. who needs it?
        1.4.4. what do they do with it?
        1.4.5. where else could it be used?
        1.4.6. what could be learned from it?
        1.4.7. how could it be used to drive improvement?
    1.5. Management
        1.5.1. how do they view it?
   necessary evil?
   valuable insight?
    1.5.2. do they see it as
 bureaucracy gone mad??
    1.5.3. how does it impact on them?
    1.5.4. who’s hurt the most?
    1.5.5. does it make careers?
    1.5.6. can it break careers?
    1.5.7. politically what does this mean in an organisation?
2. Pain
    2.1. what challenge does it bring?
        2.1.1. people?
        2.1.2. process?
        2.1.3. information?
        2.1.4. time?
        2.1.5. accountability?
        2.1.6. regulators?
    2.2. where are the benefits?
        2.2.1. how are they capitalised upon?
        2.2.2. what more could be done?
    2.3. what are the problem?
        2.3.1. what is at the root of them?
        2.3.2. how could they be fixed?
    2.4. what are the inconveniences
3. Driver
    3.1. who said they must do this?
    3.2. why?
    3.3. what happens if they don’t comply?
        3.3.1. who’s head is on the line?
        3.3.2. who’s reputation is in tatters?
    3.4. does peer pressure come into play?
        3.4.1. who are they?
        3.4.2. why is their opinion important?