Six Reasons You
Probably Don’t Need
Microsoft Project.

What do you need from project management software?

You certainly don’t need a long, painful learning curve and

unremitting complexity and inflexibility – which is what

you can expect from Microsoft Project.

What Do Your Projects Require?​

For most projects you usually need to:​

  • Brainstorm your tasks, then organize them into phases​
  • Assign resources​
  • Create a Gantt chart ​
  • Track progress​
  • Create simple stakeholder reports​

MindGenius handles all these tasks, and much more — with simplicity and speed unmatched by Microsoft Project ​

MindGenius vs. Microsoft Project​

For small to medium projects, you’ll be well served by MindGenius and won’t need Microsoft Project — for six reasons:

  • You can skip the steep learning curve that you have to suffer through with Microsoft Project — as well as the day-to-day complexity that’s required
  • As a result, you can focus more on your project and less on your software
  • MindGenius mind mapping is useful for a lot of activities associated with a project. For example, you can create meeting agendas that make your project meetings more effective, or use a mind map to help draft project reports
  • When project conditions change – or your company’s goals change – MindGenius makes it easier to change course
  • MindGenius is much lower priced than Microsoft Project

For all these reasons, your team is more likely to enjoy the entire process of managing a project with MindGenius

Let us show you why MindGenius is better than Microsoft Project​