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MindGenius vs MS Project

Choose creativity over complexity.

Overcome the steep learning curve by using MindGenius to achieve your project goals. 

What do your projects require?

Every project has different demands or requirements.

For most projects, you usually need to brainstorm tasks then organize them into phases. You may need to then assign resources, create a Gantt Chart, track it’s progress & produce a report for stakeholders.

MindGenius handles all these tasks in one go, and much more.

MindGenius vs Microsoft Project. 

6 Reasons you don't need Microsoft Project.

1) Steep learning curve

2) Too much effort figuring out the product instead of focusing on your own work.

3) Mind Maps are more useful and more engaging to work with.

4) Easier to change course & project dates should your plans change. 

5) MindGenius is better to work with and has a variety of new, user-friendly features.

6) MindGenius is much cheaper than Microsoft Project.

Don't just take our word for it.

See for yourself why MindGenius is better than Microsoft Project.