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6 Benefits & Uses for Mind Mapping Within Project Management

MindGenius 07/02/2018

Whatever your pre-conceptions, or even misconceptions, of MindMapping, it is now becoming truly embedded as a real value-adding approach in many aspects of project management and here are 6 potential benefits of the technique: 

  • Capture and visualise ideas, knowledge and information easier and quicker.
  • Reduce “information overload” dramatically.
  • Gain better understanding of the mapped topic or subject matter
  • Save time and effort in planning and execution of tasks and projects
  • Capture, enhance, improve and communicate processes
  • Have better focus and clarity on all tasks, activities, plans, strategies, projects.

1. Planning and Analysis

Mind Mapping enables you to quickly capture and visualize the various strands of your Plan. The engaging and visual process of Mapping provides structure, flow and aids clarity and understanding of the captured information (as a whole or in its component parts).
The parent / child Branch relationships, together with the “drill-down” methodology, provides a visual and highly effective methodology for dividing topics, layering each level of detail, ordering or grouping and getting structure and hierarchy in terms of analysing the information.
With the information captured a substantial additional benefit is being able to Categorise and Filter for parameters such as Priorities, Importance, Risk, etc, as well as being able to apply Resources and Timescales – all improving the time and effort spent trying to understand and analyse the information and introducing more momentum and efficiency to moving through the whole “plan/analyse/decide/do” process.

2. Capturing Knowledge & Information

One of the major strengths of using Mind Mapping for capturing knowledge and information around any given topic is the clarity and focus that the capture and visualisation interface provides. The methodology provides structure, linkages, relationships, as well as the ability to tackle the initial capture stage from a “blank sheet” perspective, or map out a skeleton structure to guide the process. Mapping also helps with reducing “information overload” that sometimes gets in the way of understanding, decision-making and generally moving forward.

3. Project Management

The mapping methodology really excels at the crucial “front-end” Planning stage of Project Management – providing an ideal format and layout for capturing the hierarchy, structure and order of all tasks and activities that form the project requirements or “Work Breakdown Structure”.

4. Action & Task Management

Bringing clarity and focus to meetings, discussions or any other situation where the “What / Who / When” needs to be clear, well-defined and communicated – that’s where the use of mind mapping really does add value.  Easily and quickly mapping out the Actions, assigning ownership and committing to timescales / deadlines, all contributing to a visual representation of agreed actions and outcomes.

5. Prioritising & Decision Making

Mind Mapping enables not only the effective, visual way of capturing ideas, knowledge and information, but also to create structure, hierarchy and order – particularly useful if you need to get to a point of identifying priorities or needing to arrive at well-informed decisions.
Again the visual aspect is a huge benefit, as is the breakdown and drill-down effect that aids understanding and negates potential “information overload”. It also provides a vehicle for communicating and presenting the actual “information journey” as well as the outcomes with clarity and focus.

6. Effective Meeting Management

Again, mapping brings more clarity and focus to each stage of the effective meeting process – from planning, the actual meeting itself, on to assigning priorities, actions and timescales and through to monitoring and managing agreed outcomes and actions to completion.

Other Uses:

The “6 Uses” above are of course only some of the many wide and varied personal and business uses for Mind Mapping and I would love to hear of any ideas regards mapping that you could share in a project management context

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