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MindGenius Online is the application of the future. We’re built for teams. We’re available on all devices, and we’re accessible anywhere there’s internet. 

 In today’s world it is increasingly common for members of the same team to work in different locations around the world and many people now work from home or remotely. These changes in working patterns can make organising and managing projects very complicated and difficult not only for managers, but also for team members.

Thorough planning and team brainstorming are two of the most effective ways of producing creative ideas and forming solutions to challenging problems. However, each member of your team being present for these planning and brainstorming sessions is not always possible.  Also, if team members are not present when tasks are being assigned and when deadlines are being agreed upon, this could mean that tasks end up falling through the cracks and what is expected from each person is not entirely clear.  Ultimately, due to lack of collaboration the best solution and course of action is not taken and results will suffer.

MindGenius Online has recognised that many teams are facing these issues and has created an in-built collaboration feature, allowing people to collaborate anywhere that there is an internet connection and on any device.

MindGenius Online enables collaboration throughout the entire project, from the initial planning stage, to formulating the timeline and on the agreement and assignment of tasks. If an individual has joined a project they will then be able to add branches and comments to the map, allowing each team member to voice their opinions and ideas.  In addition, they can assign themselves or others tasks from the map and collectively agree upon a due date, ensuring that deadlines are actually achievable.   

Collaboration in MindGenius Online brings a number of benefits, including:

  • Increasing the ease with which your team functions
  • Creates an inclusive environment
  • Creative and effective solutions to problems are formed
  • Clarity on tasks and deadlines
  • Each team member has a real influence over the projects they are involved in

MindGenius Online will not only increase the ease with which your team can function and create an inclusive environment, it will also save time and money as unnecessary meetings do not need to be arranged. Collaboration will ultimately free up more time to get those all important tasks done and successfully complete your project.  Hooray!

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