MindGenius Online gives you the tools you need to collaborate with your remote team and achieve success.

The 4 Features of MindGenius Online.

The MindGenius Hub. A new and helpful Homepage.

Navigate to an existing Mind map/project from here. You can also create a new map/project from scratch. 

The Tasks tab provides a summary of your outstanding actions across all your mind maps/projects to help you stick to deadlines and track your progress


My Projects

Manage your team & look at specific tasks and/or related documents. This tab keeps you on top of your workload, helps you achieve tight deadlines and manage your team effectively. 

Task Board with a Twist.

Tasks give you have all the features of a regular task board as well as being able to choose your own colour scheme and background. 

This allows you to be creative and have fun with the product while also making your workspace more enjoyable and organised. 

Have a look at the Task Board that we created (right) and see how adding a bit of colour can bring your information to life. 



Use QuickMaps to start a simple Mind Map. Click the image to see the QuickMap we made (we’ve added some hints and tips for you!).

Mind Maps make it easy to share thoughts with others in your team. Whether you’re organizing an event, trying to fully understand a problem or capitalizing on an opportunity, Mind Maps are proven to help provide clarity and identify gaps in your knowledge.

With MindGenius Online, you can convert your QuickMap into a Project with a single click. 

What else does MindGenius Online offer?

Remote Working Capabilities

Add colleagues to your projects, assign them tasks and collaborate on projects together.


Not sure where to start? Choose from our templates on a variety of subjects.

Attach Files

Share information with your colleagues by attaching files, images and links.

Complete Project Timeline

Plan every inch of your project from beginning to end with our Timeline View.

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