MindGenius Online gives you the tools you need to collaborate with your remote team and achieve success.

The 4 Features of MindGenius Online.

MindGenius Hub

 The Hub gives a summary of your outstanding actions across all of your mind maps and projects.

My Projects

Manage your team & look at specific tasks and/or related documents such as files, attachments and images.

Task Board

All the features of a regular task board as well as being able to choose a background from Unsplash

Quick Maps

Use Quick Maps to start a simple mind map. You can convert your Quick Map into a project instantly too. 

What else does MindGenius Online offer?

Remote Working Capabilities

Add colleagues to your projects, assign them tasks and collaborate on projects together.

Attach Files

Share information with your colleagues by attaching files, images and links.

Complete Project Timeline

Plan every inch of your project from beginning to end with our Timeline View.

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