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OUT NOW: Dependencies with MindGenius Online

OUT NOW: Start and end dates for each task in your project. Other great benefits include: 

  • Save time creating, reviewing and revising project plans.
  • Accurate view of the current project status
  • Fewer project surprises!

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MindGenius Online provides everything you need for collaborative mindmapping and project management. Your team members can view and edit the latest maps and project information through any device with a browser.

Update and revise maps and project schedules — and stay in touch with colleagues — at any time from anywhere.  

You can also integrate MindGenius Online with Microsoft Teams. Start making your Teams meetings much more productive!

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MindMap: Brainstorm, then organise
Timeline: Set and review timing
TaskBoard: Manage tasks your way
Dashboard: See all tasks across all your projects
Reports: Gain insights across all your projects
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"For problems where you need to start with an open mind, MindGenius Online gets the balance just right."