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Capturing Client Information is easier with Mind Mapping

Laura Cunningham 19/06/18

a looping mind map showing each of the stages in the consulting process.

In order to be a successful business consultant, you need to possess a wealth of skills and knowledge. Whilst knowledge of best practice within your specific sector is essential, a good working knowledge of your current consultancy client is just as important. Knowing your client’s business in and out will allow you to identify weaknesses and areas for improvement, thus enabling you to provide the best advice.

Whether you deal in recruitment, finance or operations, the steps you can take to ensure you have all the information are the same.

1. Get Your Bearings

Once in the company, familiarise yourself with their personnel, their processes, policies and ways of working. Use software such as MindGenius to create an Organisation Chart outlining the staff hierarchy. This not only helps you gain a clearer image of how the workforce is put together, but also lets you familiarise yourself with management as you may need to liaise with them from time to time.

an org chart showing the different teams involved in a large organisation.2. Define the Problem

As a consultant, you have been drafted in for a specific reason. Whether it be to address weaknesses found within the business already or to help take it to the next level. Choose from a range of templates within MindGenius 2018 that help you conduct a SWOT or PESTLE analysis to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the business.

company SWOT analysis with accompanied images on a mind mappestle analysis in the form of a mind map

3. Present Your Recommendations

Once you have gathered the information required, defined the problems and identified the best way forward, it’s time to present your recommendations. MindGenius 2018 flawlessly integrates with Microsoft Word, Excel, Project and PowerPoint, perfect for getting your point across in a professional manner.

MindGenius 2018 has the capabilities to aid almost every part of the consultancy process. From information gathering to outlining a possible plan of action using Gantt chart conversion and Task Card allocation. You can also add files and documents to map branches, ensuring everything is kept in one place.

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