A powerful tool for collaborating with your team.

We provide one centralized place for all of your projects and information, so your team can work on your projects in real time, wherever they are.

Integrates with Microsoft Teams for easy use within your workspace

Real-time updates as they happen on your screen

Share files, images & mindmaps with your team

Assign tasks, give them dates and priorities to get your work done

MindGenius Online lets your team collaborate more
and keep things moving forward together, wherever you are.

Microsoft Teams

Integrate with Microsoft Teams instantly.

MindGenius Online integrates with Teams to let you work on your projects with your team and see updates live as they happen.

Easy Access

Easy access to every important file

MindGenius Online stops you digging through your work to try and find your attachment.  

With one centralized place for file storage, you and your team members will have more time to focus on what matters.

Team Collaboration

Turn your team's ideas into actions

Collaborate and build total alignment on your project by assigning tasks, adding comments and uploading documents.

MindGenius Online provides a real-time platform for
you and your team to achieve results faster.