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Laura Cunningham 03/07/18

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Mind maps and mind mapping software can increase productivity dramatically for all users, but does so particularly well for researchers. Mind mapping allows you to outline basic topic headlines and drill down to the finer details whilst staying in one program. MindGenius functionality is designed to eliminate distractions, keep meetings on track, store information and break down large tasks into more manageable chunks.​

While the basic principles of mind mapping can help boost researcher productivity, MindGenius boasts several additional features to help you stay productive and on track:

– Quick and easy typing coupled with drag and drop functionality allows information to be captured quickly and then grouped together in relevant sections. Most mind mapping software has a host of formatting and styling features that can help keep specific sections of information separate.
– Another way to keep information segmented and/or categorised is to use ‘categories’. Once categories have been assigned to branches within MindGenius, you are able to use the Dynamic View functionality to see information by category. This keeps your information organised and can make gaining a clearer few of your research much easier.
– Features such as the Map Explorer make honing in on specific details in your map straightforward. This allows you to select a branch and view the information directly related to it. Having a more concentrated view of your information eliminates the potential for distractions and keeps your mind focused on the task at hand.
– Integration with other programs is a feature that can make all the difference. MindGenius syncs with Outlook, which means you can store information, meetings and tasks within your Outlook calendar. Thus, ensuring deadlines are met and tasks don’t fall through the cracks.
– Alongside syncing with Outlook, MindGenius also integrates well with Microsoft Office applications, including Word, Excel, Project and PowerPoint. This means you can export your map as a presentation (or use the built-in presentation feature), as a report or as a PDF.
Keeping your information and research organised makes generating conclusions and reports quicker and easier. As a result, it allows you to feel more confident in your skills and productivity levels.
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