Project Management Guide.

Managing Projects can seem Overwhelming. Master the Principles of Project Management with MindGenius. Try our Project Management Guide.

The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) is seen as the standard for project management. Here at MindGenius we have simplified the process by breaking the guide down into smaller, digestable chunks which can be applied to all small-medium projects. We also provide templates to let you easily put this into practice.

PMBOK, now in it’s 6th edition looks at Project Management from 2 key areas:

5 Project Management Process Group and 10 Project Management Knowledge Areas

The main way to distinguish between the Process Groups and Knowledge Areas is:

Process Groups are what you need to DO and; Knowledge Areas are what you need to KNOW

There are a number of project processes which overlap knowledge areas and process groups and will be referred to throughout the project. The table below details this overlap:

Our Project Management Guide goes into detail on both the Knowledge Areas and Process Groups, including downloadable examples that you can use in your own projects.

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