The World of Telecommuting: A Guide to Handy Homeworking.

Have you been working at home recently? This blog is being directed at those around the world who have been trying to adjust to working from home. Having had personal experience at working from home in the past, hopefully these tips will provide you with the advice and guidance you need to make homeworking a success.

Professionalism is key.

Regardless of where you are doing your work, start your day early as if you were working in your office; get up early, avoid sitting in your pajama’s just because you can. One of our previous blogs spoke of the ways to prevent procrastinating, unfortunately procrastinating is easier when you are in the comfort of your own home, and this can lead to you losing your motivation and not getting anything done. Set out your tasks and goals like you would do in the office, or risk losing concentration. For this, you can use apps such as Google Calendar.

Find your peak time to get work done.

Your boss might not want to read this, but not everyone can work at their maximum from morning until evening without dips in productivity. Whether it is in the morning or the evening where you feel you do your best work, try and focus your most important tasks for this time.

Listen to Music.

In one of our previous blogs we spoke about how important music can be important and one of the main drivers of productivity. It can improve your mood as well as aid your ability to tune out and get your work done. One of the main drawbacks of working from home is it can be easy to feel cooped up and stressed, leading to bad habits such as taking longer lunch breaks and even avoiding doing your work altogether. So, for an effective and efficient work ethic at home, get the tunes on!

Find a suitable space to work.

Unfortunately, sitting on the couch might not provide the most productive environment to do your best work. Being in a comfortable environment will encourage you do be lazy and allow you to fall back into habits you would have when you aren’t working.  Find yourself a desk and chair away from any possible distractions (Social Media, TV, a fridge!) and watch your productivity levels soar!

Communication is crucial.

When working in the office isn’t an option, it’s imperative that you stay in touch with those around you via other means such as email and videoconferencing. Why? Because you would do exactly that in the office, so why not do it at home too? Otherwise, you could end up feeling cut-off from what’s happening.


It’s a common conception that working from home is tough and that you shouldn’t mix where you work and where you live together. However, by following these homeworking tips, you can do both!