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To Get Noticed Online You Need to Make a Good Impression

Rachel Maguire

Social media has become part of nearly everyone’s daily lives and has also became a key part of business marketing strategies due to its major reach, influence and profile raising capabilities.

As time goes on and the importance of social media to business is fully recognised, increasing importance is being placed on creating a social or content strategy to ensure that social channels are being fully optimised and that good quality content is being shared. Not only does that content have to be of interest to your target audience but it also needs to be on brand.

For these reasons marketing teams are spending increasing amounts of time and effort to make sure their social media marketing is of interest to their target audience but also on brand.

This involves graphic design, writing blogs and creating captivating images and videos.  There is a lot of organisation required to make sure that content is produced to a high standard and that there is supporting collateral alongside it.

A strong social media presence requires a well thought out strategy 

When thinking about your social strategy you would discuss with your team what is the aim and objectives you are trying to reach with this social strategy, who you are trying to target, which channels to use and what content is needed. You would then move into planning who is responsible for writing content, creating graphics/videos and actually posting the content to the social channels. Then decide on due dates for each element so that everyone has what they need, on time.

However, it is also important to get involved in the ‘social’ side of social media. Only promoting your business and pushing your own content isn’t enough. Part of the strategy should focus on getting involved in conversations that relate to your business and that your target audience would be interested in. So you are effectively spreading awareness and generating interest in your product/service at the same time. 

To create a successful social strategy MindGenius is useful for capturing the ideas and details of the strategy in the map, task cards are then formed by assigning people and dates to certain branches containing key information. You can then keep track of what is being done and by who.

MindGenius provides you with a clear overview of the social strategy and the finer details involved, so that your social strategy can come to life with ease.

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