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Rachel Maguire 13/6/18

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Mind Mapping Software is being extensively used in the Financial Planning industry to help identify client goals and objectives, to structure and document financial data and to improve client engagement.
Discover the Facts
The first part of the financial planning process with a client is when the financial advisor sets out to discover the facts and establish the client’s current financial situation and what they would like to achieve in the future.
Using mind mapping to capture this information is ideal as it means notes aren’t scribbled down on a piece of paper by the financial advisor, which the client never sees and that could end up jumbled up with a bunch of other paper work. Instead, by using mind mapping software, the client can watch their plans and current financial situation come to life through this engaging process.
With all of the client’s information clearly displayed in a mind map, related and relevant information can be grouped together so that the client’s information and financial data is clearly outlined, documented and presented in a way that is comprehensible to both the advisor and the client.
From here it is then possible to start forming a financial plan. The client’s goals and financial data are clearly outlined and documented, providing clarity on what the next steps would be, allowing a feasible financial plan to be created.
Build the Plan
For the next stage when the financial advisor then goes away to start deciding on what an appropriate path would be, he/she can refer back to the map that was created in the initial client meeting. Additional notes and branches can be added to existing areas of the map on appropriate next steps and what actions should be taken based on the initial discussions.
You can then go back to your clients and present the work that you have done in a visually engaging manner that is easy to understand. It is also a way of demonstrating the hours of work that you have put in. As a plus the client actually gets to see his/her financial life take shape right in front of them!
Moving Forward
Moving forward ifthe client is happy to proceed with the plan that you have created, mind mapping software such as MindGenius is the ideal way to keep track of any changes that are made along the way. You can take notes of discussions that take place, whether they are face to face, over the phone or via email, allowing each individual client’s information to be stored away in one MindGenius file.
MindGenius provides a comprehensive platform for you to keep clients engaged, form plans and keep track of individual client’s information. Download your free trial today and see how it can increase your firm’s value proposition.
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