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5 Ways You Can Use Mindmapping and Why it’s So Powerful.

Many of you already have a vague idea of what a mindmap is and how it can be used. However, what you might not be aware of is their true potential, and that they can be used in a variety of different, engaging ways. The purpose of this blog is to highlight these ways and to show you that mindmapping can be more powerful than what you think.

Who can Benifit from Mindmapping and the use of Mindmaps?

The answer is; everyone. Regardless of your background or what your career is, you can use mindmapping to unlock your brains potential for learning. Mindmaps are proven to be the most visually engaging way to learn, and it is far easier to retain information from a mindmap than it would be from a written document, for example.

“How can I use them?”

As I said before, there are seemingly endless ways that you can use a mindmap. Here are some examples below.

Planning Projects – use Mindmaps to look at your whole project from start to finish, see what parts of your project could do with improvements and look at areas where you could perhaps save some time and money. Assign your colleagues tasks and a completion date as well as being able to monitor their progress and tick tasks off as you go.

Studying – if you are a student, Mindmaps are a great way to learn quickly and efficiently. As I discussed in the previous blog, 3 ways to improve study skills, Mindmaps help to improve your memory, organise your information and explore subjects in-depth.  Mind maps are a great visual way to represent your ideas or capture your thinking, and can be used throughout your time at school, college and/or university.

Teaching – As a teacher, even you can use Mindmaps to make your life easier. We know the daily stresses that a teacher has to go through. You can use Mindmaps to your advantage by creating lesson plans, subject curriculum’s and even just to better organise your workload.

Marketing – if you work in marketing (like myself) then you can plan every inch of a marketing campaign from start to finish. Assign yourself tasks and a date to complete them by, as well as being able to write down all the steps you have to take and in what order.

General Use – regardless of the industry you work in, everyone has a personal life. You can use Mindmaps to plan events such as a wedding or holiday, as well as things such as a CV or even just planning your goals for the year.

Mindmaps are a fantastic tool to use both personally and professionally. They provide great clarity in situations where you might not know what to do.