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3 Innovative Ways to Improve Study Skills Using Mind Maps

As a former university student, I found that Mind Maps were a great way to get all of your ideas down in one place and help improve your study skills. Mind maps are a visual way to represent your ideas or capture your thinking, and can be used throughout your university career. This blog will highlight some great ways to utilise mindmaps to your advantage and how to access this through MindGenius.

1. Improve your Memory

If you are a visual learner, like myself, then Mindmaps are a fantastic tool to help engage your brain and take in more information. Mind maps use words and images to create strong associations, helping you to remember what you’re studying. You can use mind mapping as a more ‘natural’ form of note-taking. By noting down only key words, you save vital time while studying. Also, when you go on to write essays or study for exams from your Mind Maps, you will recall the most important information.

Mindmaps let your creative side flourish. Don’t be afraid to explore and develop a style that suits you to improve your study skills. You can be as creative or messy as you like – mind maps don’t have to be pretty and can be as colourful as you need them to be. Lots of people use images to help them remember certain things or represent information. Images don’t have to be detailed as long as you understand them, that’s all that counts.

2. Organize your information and Improve Study Skills

Speaking as a former student, I craved having a sense of order to my schedule or my tasks. Mindmaps provide a structure to your thoughts and opinions as well as being able to organise your information into smaller, manageable chunks. Studying, particularly in high school or university, can be challenging for many people, with many having to revise for several subjects. By using mindmaps, you can separate your information by subject to make studying easier.

3. Explore subjects in-depth

Mindmaps provide a fantastic platform to develop your understanding of certain subject areas. You can use the notes section within mindmaps to really hone in on specific points. You can also add branches to your mindmap to add in additional information, such as images, links and supporting documents.


In short, the benefits to using mindmaps as a studying technique are endless, and something I wished I had used more during my 4 years at University.

With MindGenius, you can utilise all the benefits spoken of above. Our Mindmapping software allows you to manage your projects efficiently and effectively, while also being an engaging way to learn. We also offer campus-wide licenses among hundreds of Universities, Colleges and schools throughout the world. You can find out more on this by visiting our website.