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Educators: Here's
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Students: Here's
what you can do

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Bring MindGenius to your campus

Through Campus-Wide MindGenius licensing, your college or university will receive our two powerful applications for all students, faculty, and staff — at a remarkable discount:

  • MindGenius Online, our cloud-based application — for PCs and Macs
  • MindGenius 20, our Windows PC application

What to tell your college or university administration

Would you like your college or university to provide MindGenius for you?

Then tell them! Contact your administration. Email, phone, or talk in person to let them know you want MindGenius.

If you have never used MindGenius, you might want to try it out for a couple of weeks first — so you can talk about the benefits from your own experience.

Try MindGenius for Free 

Here are some ideas for what to say when you talk or write:

  • Campus-Wide MindGenius means everybody at your school will benefit from a cognitive power tool that can stimulate creativity, improve writing, enhance learning, and promote collaboration.
  • The project management tools in MindGenius will help everyone experience more consistent, successful project outcomes.
  • MindGenius includes visual tools that can help students focus on the most important information from their classes, making it easier to study for tests.
  • MindGenius can help instructors prepare better lesson plans.
  • MindGenius can help students and faculty jump-start all kinds of writing projects.