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Fiona Macintyre 18th January 2019

Let’s face it – we’ve probably all at one point or another moaned about not having enough hours in the day or week.

We can’t increase the hours available but we can be more effective with the hours we have and stop wasting time on pointless activities that don’t achieve anything.

How many times have you got to the end of the week and thought – I’ve been really busy but what have I actually achieved?

Why is that?

 – could you be busy doing the wrong things which don’t actually         achieve your overall goals

 – on top of that – if you are managing a team – what have they           accomplished / completed

If that’s the case, then it’s time to clear the decks, eliminate the wasted effort and Get Things Done.

Planning is the best way to stay organised and in control of any workload – whether that is daily tasks, project work or managing a team.

The most effective planning ensures you are working on the right things and everyone is clear on the way forward and what they are responsible for.

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This not only serves to make sure you cut out the wasted effort on the wrong tasks but also that everyone on the team is on board and can pick up their next task as soon as they complete the one they are on without waiting to be told what to do next.

Let’s take for example you’ve been handed a new project to work on.

 – Where do you start?

You might have a rough idea in your head of what should be done and you might be right but you could also go off on a totally different path to what is needed and before you know it – you’ve wasted weeks of work time, achieved nothing and deadline day is looming large. The result is stress all round for everyone on the team.

 – Why is MindGenius Different?

Many project and task management tools on the market will only let you enter the tasks you know need to be done to help you manage and monitor them.

With MG you start a stage earlier – in breaking down all of the likely things that will need to be done so you can agree if they are the right things and prioritise them.

From there you can create your schedule, action plan of tasks and manage to completion and in a nutshel – Get Things Done.

With this style of breaking things down to smaller components and agreeing on what should be done – you eliminate the head scratching that comes from not knowing what to do.

Everyone on the team are on the same page and with a list of tasks, due dates and people can pick up tasks easily without too much guidance.

This was the case for one of our customers who’s Managing Director said:

“We’ve got a tool we can really use to plan the production and sequence it in a better way and make it visible so when the production manager isn’t about people can get on and plan the next job for themselves –
we’ve reduced downtime by 15%

Working with MindGenius eliminates wasted time and provides gains in productivity.

“The power is immense – it’ll blow you away”

This level of planning and organisation puts you in control and lets you finish your working week with a sense of satisfaction that progress was made towards your goals.

Start your free trial today and see how MindGenius can improve your working week.

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