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Develop a relevant Body of Knowledge

For every subject, build a mind map that grows with each class, lecture, lab work or tutorial, building a Body of Knowledge as a single point of reference for now, for revision and for the future

No need to waste time on format or layout – take the stress out of learning by seeing how information is related, associated or linked

Highlight key points and add links to additional information – reducing the time it takes to prepare for assignments, essays, projects, dissertations and exams

For Students, For Lecturers, For Life.

Educators: Become More Focused and Effective

MindGenius is a powerful tool that can make a big difference in preparing and delivering class content.

What are the most important documents you use for teaching?

MindGenius can help in producing virtually all of these. When you begin with a mind map, you engage your visual sense in ways that can expand your clarity of thought and creativity.

Benefits for Lecturers and Teachers:
  • Create and build your Body of Knowledge and add to it as information comes to hand
  • Build up reference material and access additional materials by applying links to explore later
  • Develop course outlines, lesson plans and tutorials in a format that accomodates additional information easily
  • Quickly access an overview of a subject or drill down to the most miniscule of detail
  • Engage students cognitive powers by stimulating their thinking and make it easier to absorb what you have taught

Students: Use More of Your Brain to Accelerate Your Learning

MindGenius makes information and insights more visual and graphical. When you engage more of your brain in your learning, you can improve your comprehension and retention.

MindGenius can make a big difference in your school life in many different ways.

Benefits for Students:
  • Create knowledge bases for every subject that you can refer to and question when needed
  • As information grows from various sources, add to your knowledge base with minimal effort
  •  Help your brain absorb information with image, colours and tags. Immediately notice how memory and information recall are improved
  • During study quickly see an overview of your subject or drill down to the most miniscule of detail
  • Add structure to assignments, essays, projects and dissertations
  • Feel more in control less stressed and obtain better grades 

A Cognitive Power Tool For Assisted Learning

Mind mapping has proven to be a key coping mechanism for those benefiting from Assisted Learning initiatives:

  • Pupils and students have less need to focus on spelling, grammar or sentence structure through use of keywords, images, associations and connections
  • It boosts confidence and brings fun back into learning by bypassing the challenges associated with dyslexia and Asperger’s
  • Keeping students and pupils engaged and happy

Take The Stress Out of Learning

When you use MindGenius for a course outline or lesson plan, you see ideas and information in a natural, hierarchical relationship.

You can store a huge amount of facts and insights in a mind map – down to the smallest details. But at any time you can instantly go back to the big picture using the Map Explorer.

Campus Wide Licensing

Bring all the benefits of MindGenius to everyone in your school through campus-wide licensing. 

This includes :

1) Enterprise install and free upgrades to the latest version of our desktop product, MindGenius 20.
2) Take home rights for all students of the Desktop product, MindGenius 20
3) One University Managed MindGenius Online account with unlimited users that would suit any student with a Mac or devices with browsers

Campus Rollout Pricing:

  • HE Large £4,000
  • HE Medium £3,000
  • HE Small £2,000
  • FE £2,000
  • Secondary School £1,500
  • Primary School £500

All fees listed are annual pricing and are +VAT

50% saving through Chest Agreement with JISC Eduserv

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Education Resource Guide

We have put together a comprehensive guide to using MindGenius in the education sector. This guide details each of the key uses of MindGenius within education to let you see in more detail how MindGenius could benefit every department as well as pupils and students.

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