Personal Productivity

Improve Productivity.
Achieve More.

  • More innovative solutions
  • Organize ideas and information logically.
  • Enables team collaboration in real-time
  • Insightful Reports and Analytics
  • Prioritize tasks and manage time more effectively

Collaborative Mind Mapping

Manage your mind maps and projects together in real time.

Available on ANY device.

Use MindGenius Online wherever you go.

Oversee Multiple Projects

Manage multiple projects instantly using the Dashboard.

Task Management & Reports

Create, manage and delegate tasks to your team.

Innovation and Idea Generation

Unleash your Innovation.

Capture & organize ideas quickly and efficiently. By visualizing & manipulating ideas in real-time, you can generate & identify creative solutions to complex problems. 

  • Visual workspace for all your ideas.
  • Structure your best ideas and turn them into actions.
  • Use drag & drop to move, delete or add ideas.
  • Create new ideas or re-examine existing ones.

Organize Ideas & Information

Tranform your ideas into actions

Organize your ideas & information logically, making it easier to see connections and identify priorities. This helps reduce mental clutter and improve focus to increase productivity.

  • Generate new ideas.
  • Assign priorities & completion dates.
  • Customize your maps to stay focused.
  • Use color & imagery for different concepts & ideas.

Collaboration & Communication

Collaborate Together for Success.

We enable teams to collaborate in real-time, allowing everyone to contribute and work together on the same projects.

  • Better communication
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved teamwork
  • Available to download on MS Teams

Insightful Reporting and Analytics

Data-driven insights that drive results.

Use the DashboardReports to gain analytical insight & oversee multiple projects at once.

  • Present data in a clear, visual format.
  • Brainstorm to identify new opportunities.
  • Plan & track your workload instantly.
  • Share ideas & insights with your team.

Improve your productivity, communication and creativity in one place.

We help organizations to better plan, execute, and track projects, leading to improved results and increased success rates.