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Project Management From The Ground Up

Rachel Maguire 26/6/18

When embarking on a new construction project there are so many aspects to consider before you can begin the actual building work, from what equipment is needed to staffing requirements.
A construction project can seem like an immense task so let’s break it down into five phases.
• Pre-Construction
• Construction Phase
• Equipment Requirements
• Staff Requirements
• Materials List
Mapping out each detail of the project helps you gather how ready you are to actually start the building phase and ensures that no detail is forgotten about. As a result, when it comes to the construction phase you will be less likely to face any obstacles that would prevent the project from finishing on time.
Let’s look at each phase in more detail.
Phase 1: Pre- Construction
Before construction can take place you need to ensure that Architectural plans have been fully approved and agreed upon by the relevant parties. Contracts have to be drawn up and insurance has to be organised. These requirements may mean that there is a lot of back and forth between the different parties involved and adequate time has to be given to ensure accurate documentation is in place and finalised before construction begins. A mind map is ideal for outlining the details that should be included in each set of documents and for specifying details of agreements that have been made.
pre-construction mind map with 2 branches
2. Equipment Requirements
When planning your project you need to outline what equipment is needed. Different equipment may be required at various stages of construction so you need to plan out what is needed, when it will be needed and co -ordinate this with suppliers.
3. Staff Requirements
When it comes to staff you need to think in terms of which skill sets are required for the project? At what stages of the project are different trade people required? Or will they be needed throughout the entire construction process?
This impacts the recruitment process and the budget so it is important that this is clearly outlined.
staff requirements mind map
4. Materials List
The type and quantity of different materials needs to be established during the planning stage so that order times for specific materials can be taken into consideration and worked into the schedule.

construction project mind map with five child branches

5. Construction Phase
Once everything has been planned out and agreed upon your Work Breakdown Structure can be detailed to help you manage the construction phase and work can begin. A mind map layout for your WBS can be used as a checklist to ensure that nothing is forgotten about and to help with the overall management of the project. 
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