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Remote Working – How to Become Even More Successful

Following on from our last remote working blog – the World of Telecommuting – where we spoke on some of the ways to make your remote working enjoyable. However, with Covid19 forcing the majority of us to work from home (myself included), this blog is to show that by using MindGenius, working from home can be more flexible, more cost-effective and more collaborative than ever before.

Remote Working

In reaction to Covid19, many of you reading this have now begun to work from home. Although the contents of the work your doing will be much the same as what you would do at the office, the demands placed on you are completely different. In reference to our previous vlog on remote working, there are many ways to combat this such as removing distractions, listening to music and being as professional as possible. However, what our blog did not mention was that there is one tool that can help combat the challenges of getting your work done at home; MindGenius.

remote working

The Challenges of Remote Working.

Working from home can be challenging for many of us, particularly if you have never done it before. For those of you who are inexperienced at homeworking, you may need all the help you can get.

  • Concentration – Working in the same place you live, it can be very easy to lose focus from your work. All of a sudden, the program you have on in the background suddenly turns into the main event of your day and nothing else seems to matter (We’ve all been there!). Staying focused and getting all your tasks done is, in my opinion, by far the most challenging aspect of working at home.
  • Task Management – In an office environment, setting your tasks out can be relatively easy and can be done through many forms such as using sticky notes, pen and paper, whiteboards, etc. If you do have any of these at home then kudos. However, many don’t have these items in the home due to lack of need or wanting to have them. This is one of the main problems with homeworking is that once your task management system disappears, it is easy to fall into the trap of always “starting tomorrow” and falling behind on your work.
  • Communication – being away from your working environment does bring many challenges, not least being in constant contact with your colleagues and bosses. While working from home gives you the freedom of not having your bosses around, it does effectively mean you could be cut off, and struggle to communicate with them and co-workers.

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If only there was some way of solving these issues…

MindGenius and Remote Working

So, where does MindGenius come in terms of meeting these challenges?

  • Concentration – we realise that true concentration has to come from within yourself. However, MindGenius has the ability to stimulate and engage your brain with map designs, fonts and color’s to keep your ideas fun and bring your information to life.
  • Task Management – Our Gantt view allows you to view tasks, big or small, that have yet to be completed. This is multi-purpose and can be used either for your project or during your normal working day to ensure you stay on track.
  • Communication – Our Online product, now with a 45-day free trial (to sign up click here) allows you and your team to view and edit the same map, making collaborating and communicating with those you work with easier than ever. You no longer have to be cut off from those around you, instead, work together and achieve more using MindGenius.

MindGenius is your all-in-one project management tool and is ideal for homeworking, for either working yourself or within a team, and meets all 3 of the main challenges associated with remote working. Whether you want to have a joint brainstorming session with your team or create a timeline for your already-approved project, MindGenius is what you want to be using.

Mind-Maps can be fun

Our Mind-mapping software not only allows you to enjoy your work either. MindGenius can be a great asset to have for personal use. With many of you around the world being consigned to your own homes, you could have a lot of spare time on your hands. Mind-maps could potentially be a new, fun way to interact with those around you, whether it be helping your kids with schoolwork while they are off or simply creating a mind-map of plots and characters from the TV series you’re currently watching, MindGenius is the answer. Our templates, found here, have a vast and wide mix of maps in a variety of subject areas, for both business and personal use.


There’s no doubt that many of you are going to be continuing to work from home for the foreseeable future. For project management in uncertain times, choose a product that you can always rely on; choose MindGenius.

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