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3 Pioneering Mind Map Templates for Starting University

Starting university is one of the most enjoyable feelings in the world. Regardless of whether you’re going straight from high school, from college or any other route, the start of your journey through university is a very exciting time for all. These Mind Map Templates will help bring your information to life.

I myself came straight from high school, and while I had worked hard to get to university, I did not appreciate the amount of individual learning there would be from the very beginning. In comparison to high school, where the teachers can spoon feed information to you, the feeling at university is that lecturers are simply there for guidance only. Hence, the need to undertake individual learning is crucial to your success at university.

Here at MindGenius, we are not only here for Project Management. Our use for education purposes is well-known, and we have 3 templates available to you (all of them free) that will get your university degree off to the right start.

Coursework Plan – Mind Map Templates

With MindGenius and our Coursework Plan Mind Map templates, you can plan out every last detail of what you are going to need and perfectly execute it. We believe that using our Coursework Plan template is perfect for getting you started on your projects.

We know that not all projects can be done on your own. With this in mind, MindGenius is the ultimate teamworking tool and allows you to delegate tasks to other team members. MindGenius Online also allows you and several others to collaborate on the same project.


The Dissertation process is the most challenging, yet rewarding, part of university. With MindGenius’ Dissertation template, you can plan from start to finish with remarkable ease and flexibility.

The many different areas of a Dissertation is ideal for the using a Mindmap, whether you are in the Literature Review stage or working on your Methodology, it is easy to go between topics and brainstorm your ideas into dedicated areas.

Lecture Notes

Writing down lecture notes is undoubtedly one of the most important skills you’ll need for starting university, particularly if you have lectures (like I did) who pride themselves on speaking as fast as possible and skipping to the next slide all before you’ve written the first word down. Our Lecture Notes template allows you to take notes easily and not have to worry about layout and trying understanding your writing afterwards (we’ve all been there).