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3 Project Management Templates You Need for Success.

Managing any project, regardless of whether it’s your first or fortieth time, can be a very difficult and matriculate process if not done correctly. The main cause of failure can be down to a number of things, however all of these potential problems can be solved by one thing; organization. This blog highlights the need to be organised during the project management process, as well as providing 3 free templates to use.

Project Scope Statement

A project scope statement is a useful tool to outline the project’s deliverables and identify the key success factors. Before the project begins, the project team and stakeholders need to agree to the scope statement before it’s execution.

A project’s scope has a direct impact on the other two elements of the project’s triple constraint – time and resources. If the project team can’t agree to the scope, the other two elements will keep changing despite the project manager’s best intention to execute the project.

The MindGenius Project Scope Statement template allows you to plan all of this in a timely and efficient way, and allows you to concentrate on the main priorities of the project rather than having to stress out over the layout of your ideas.

Project Planning

There are a number of outputs and activities associated with this project phase. The example (see text below) provides a framework for structuring and organising these activities.

Planning projects appropriately and within budget is key to any projects success or failure. Our Project Planning template allows you to take control and take note of all areas of the planning process before beginning.

This template already notes down all the sections needed in a project, and allows you to concentrate solely on the brainstorming part of the process rather than wondering if there are any more topic areas to add.

Project Management – Resources

Regardless of the project that you’re working on , without the sensible management of resources the project will fail. However, at what point are these resources allocated? and what are the stages involved? Thankfully, our Resource Management template takes away all these complications and allows you to plan and allocate your resources with ease.

Our Mind Map templates feature a step-by-step process in resource management and allows you to focus on the details relevant to you and your business rather than the process itself.