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Start with something most project management software skips over: brainstorming the actions your project will require. A mind map makes this process simple and enjoyable. ​

Then MindGenius makes it just as easy to assign resources, set durations and dependencies, review progress, and revise your plan – with remarkable flexibility.​

When you start a free trial, we’ll show you how MindGenius makes project management simpler, yet more complete with a series of quick start videos which guide you through the basics. ​

Project management

What begins as a brainstorm can turn into a project plan with features for planning, scheduling and monitoring small to medium sized projects.

Mind Mapping

Visually capture and structure ideas and information for clearer thinking and better communication. Analyse the information with categories and filters.

MindGenius for Education:
Educators: Become more focused and effective​
Students : Use more of your brain to accelerate your learning

MindGenius is a powerful tool for educators and students. Mind mapping can stimulate your best thinking and boost your creativity. ​

For educators, mind maps are perfectly suited to generating course outlines, lesson plans, and meeting agendas. ​

Students can use this powerful knowledge tool for note-taking and studying. Use color and images to highlight important insights and information. MindGenius also is a great way to launch virtually any writing project – from a term paper to a doctoral thesis. ​

When you start a free trial, we’ll show you how to experience the benefits right away. Let our quick-start videos guide you through the basics. ​

Break your workload down into manageable tasks, identify and prioritise the right things to do and visually plan your activities to move work forward. 

What else can MindGenius do?
Make every meeting purposeful and focused. Solve problems faster, and more thoroughly. Jump-start any writing project. Boost your creativity. ​

MindGenius is a powerful tool that empowers clear thinking and creativity.​

MindGenius will help you plan and guide your meetings to keep everyone on track and get more done.​

Use Solution Finder – a bonus MindGenius tool – to help your team accelerate problem-solving. ​

MindGenius can help you overcome writer’s block and launch any writing project. ​

Try mind mapping any project, challenge, goal, or dream — in your work life or personal life. You’ll see how MindGenius engages your mind in new ways, draws out insights, and boosts your creativity. ​

When you start a free trial, we’ll show you how to experience the benefits right away with our quick-start videos guide you through the basics. ​

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MindGenius is an education cognitive power tool that will transform the way you work.

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