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Cloud-based mind mapping, project management, and collaboration

MindGenius Online provides everything you need for simple yet effective mind mapping and project management — with an emphasis on easy ongoing collaboration. (Which gets even better with MS Teams integration.)

All your team members have immediate access to the latest maps and full project information through any device with Internet access.

They can update and revise maps and project schedules — and stay in touch with colleagues — at any time from anywhere.

Windows desktop mind mapping and project management

MindGenius 20 offers numerous project management features as well as remarkable flexibility in customizing the look of your mind maps — fonts, colors, branch shapes, map layout, etc.

Our customers use MindGenius 20 for project management as well as a multitude of other tasks that benefit from its powerful capabilities for analysis and prioritization.

MindGenius 20 also includes multiple export options, including Microsoft Office applications. 

Compare MindGenius Online and MindGenius 20

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The MindGenius bundle:
Use both applications together!

Our two MindGenius products work very well together.

Take advantage of the huge range of options that MindGenius 20 provides, plus the powerful collaboration capabilities of MindGenius Online.

And take advantage of our special “bundle” pricing. 

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