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Grow your Small Project into a Successful Masterplan

There are many strategies to think about when looking to start a small project. The budget, the timescale and the resources, just to name a few. However, all of these options must require prior planning. It is in the planning of projects that MindGenius steps in and takes control.

Who we are

Both of our products – MindGenius 20 and MindGenius Online – allow you to manage projects effectively and easier than ever before. Hundreds of organizations we work with have seen an increase in areas such as productivity, brainstorming and time management. This is no accident; our project management software allows you to take complete control of your small project and identify gaps in your knowledge you didn’t even know existed.

How we help manage a small project

Mind Maps are at the heart of everything we do, and there are several reasons as to why but one simple one; Mind Maps provide clarity. They provide clarity in situations you may not know the answers to. They provide clarity to complex situations, and they provide clarity to the rest of your team.

You can use Mind Maps for just about everything. Use it to solve a problem? use it to plan an event? Use it to start a project? The list is endless. Mind Maps can save you up to 7 hours a week on planning, and for some, that’s nearly a whole day of work! Imagine what you could accomplish with those 7 hours…

Mind Maps are known to engage with the brain, retain important information and makes it easy to note down your information so you do not forget important information. With MindGenius, you can even choose to store your information as a link or a document.

Why choose us for a small project

Our power lies in our simplicity. All your thoughts and opinions written down and divided into manageable sections. This is what we, and our products, strive to achieve.

With a small project, sometimes there are some that have not taken part in projects before. No experience? No problem. MindGenius has no steep and prolonged learning curve. Your information is easy to review and there is no need to scroll endlessly looking for specific information.

Mind Maps are heavily linked to productivity. With MindGenius, your projects can be managed more efficiently, especially in situations where you are working as a team. With MindGenius Online, you can invite your whole team to work on your project and do it from a laptop. With many of us working remotely, this feature might be perfect for you!

However, just because you can work remotely on one product, doesn’t mean you can’t share projects on the other; quite the opposite! MindGenius 20 allows you to share across multiple platforms, such as Microsoft Office Suite, HTML link and Social Media. So, whatever product you decide to choose, you aren’t missing out.


With the world going through so many changes in such a short space of time, we feel that it is essential to remain the one constant in the project planning process. Our product gives you the flexibility and freedom to manage your project as you see fit.

Don’t just take our word for it though, take a look at our products and decide which one is for you (we offer a free trial for both!)