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Express and structure your ideas visually for clearer thinking and better communication

Personalise with images, colours and styles to create engaging mind maps.




Capture Information

Brainstorm thoughts and ideas or take notes with features which allow you to capture and break down information quickly and easily.

Select from one of our templates or create your own from a blank canvas.

Add images from our library or upload your own to enhance your understanding and knowledge retention. 

Mind Mapping with Purpose Enhance your Understanding Complete Project Management Problems Solved

Bring maps to life

Retaining knowledge is easier with visual cues, and adding images and colours to a MindGenius Map is simple. Either use our extensive image library or insert your own. Add images to the background or assign to individual branches. Make your map design unique to you through styling branches, connectors and shapes.


Organise & Prioritise 

Restructure and group information. Assign categories and filters to analyse the information captured. View your map in different layouts appropriate to the topic. Gain a different perspective on your information with dynamic views.

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