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Proven for Projects

Proven for Projects Laura Cunningham October 2018 On October 9th and 10th, the MindGenius team ventured to London to attend the Project Challenge Expo at

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Plan To Win, Win To Plan

Plan To Win, Win To Plan Rachel Maguire In marketing there is so much variety to what we do.  The role involves social media management,

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Mind Mapping Software For Research

Mind Mapping Software For Research Laura Cunningham 03/07/18 Mind maps and mind mapping software can increase productivity dramatically for all users, but does so particularly

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MindGenius Supports AquAid

MindGenius Supports AquAid 03/07/18 We at MindGenius are aware that keeping our staff members hydrated will aid them to perform at their very best throughout

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When 2+2=1/2

When 2+2=1/2 Ashley Marron CEO, MindGenius 05/03/2018 When a project takes twice the time, costs twice the budget and you get only half of what

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GDPR – Are You Ready?

GDPR – Are You Ready? Ashley Marron CEO, MindGenius 21/02/2018 As May 2018 approaches, there will probably be a huge over-reaction to the impact of

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Think With Mind Mapping

Think With Mind Mapping MindGenius 31/01/2018 There are many skills a person requires to be successful in their business life. It is hard to decide

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