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Make University Life Easier

Make University Life Easier University isn’t all about night outs, joining clubs and societies and meeting new people. Sadly at one point some work needs

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How To Start A Project

How To Start A Project Are you struggling with not knowing where to start when it comes to a new project? You might think it

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Assign Yourself Tasks

Assign Yourself Tasks I’m the only person involved in this project, why do I need to assign myself a task? MindGenius Online is used for

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Built for Collaboration

Built for Collaboration MindGenius Online is the application of the future. We’re built for teams. We’re available on all devices, and we’re accessible anywhere there’s

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No More Missed Deadlines

No More Missed Deadlines Many managers today find themselves in a situation where not only are they expected to be experts in their chosen field

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Plan For Success

Plan For Success We don’t generally get in our cars and just drive without being clear on where our destination is and a rough idea

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