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When 2+2=1/2

When 2+2=1/2 Ashley Marron CEO, MindGenius 05/03/2018 When a project takes twice the time, costs twice the budget and you get only half of what

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GDPR – Are You Ready?

GDPR – Are You Ready? Ashley Marron CEO, MindGenius 21/02/2018 As May 2018 approaches, there will probably be a huge over-reaction to the impact of

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Think With Mind Mapping

Think With Mind Mapping MindGenius 31/01/2018 There are many skills a person requires to be successful in their business life. It is hard to decide

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Meetings… Meetings… Meetings…

Meetings… Meetings… Meetings… MindGenius 19/01/2018 Meetings – they’re everywhere! How often do we joke or pass comment about “yet another meeting…”Have you ever wondered how many

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Think Strategy; Think MindGenius

Think Strategy; Think MindGenius MindGenius 17/01/2018 Countless books and articles have been written on Strategy, Strategic Thinking, Strategic Planning and other associated topics on Strategy. 

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Tasks… Stay On Track

Tasks… Stay On Track MindGenius 15/01/2018 It’s what we all do… regardless of our title, job role or where we’re placed in our business or

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